Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fun Times Indeed

Barely awake, puffy eyed and ringed in dark circles I got my coffee yesterday morning and made my way into the office. I had almost gotten through the weekend's emails when T.D. awoke. Not ready! Need more caffeine to handle the beast after a night of her laughing at us and no sleep. I am in an anti-toddler mood, but make my way upstairs to get her.

After a chaotic breakfast where H declared, "you know she's not behaving this way on purpose, just to get to you right?" I muttered back, "yeah, actually I think she is." She's my daughter, she has to have a tiny bone of instigation in her. I got ready, I got T.D. ready amidst the all too common screaming. At 9:03 a.m. we were out the door! Victory was in my grasp! An early start to the day. Hooray for me!

Settled into the car I somehow failed to notice it was lopsided. I was too busy staring at our freaky, dog poop neighbors I suppose. As I backed the car out it made a grinding sound and sort of lagged. WTF? I began to sweat. Maybe it's the A/C? I turn it off. Sweat some more. Nope. Still lagging, still making that funny yet awful grinding noise. Please no. Not today. I just need to go to the store! One thing is all I really need to do! I stop the car and get out. I walk around and as I round the back of the car I see it. A disgusting puddle of a flat tire on the back passenger side. Awesome.

Sighing I get back into the car. Grind our asses back home in the lagging mobile ignoring the stares of my neighbors who by the way do not ask if something is wrong. I call H. I call AAA. Someone will be out in 90 minutes. Sigh... not how the day was supposed to go.

In all the flat took the whole day. The AAA guy arrived on time and changed out the spare under the watchful eye of T.D. She felt the need to ask him what the tire was every .5 seconds and he willingly obliged. Then we took it to the repair shop. While those guys were quick indeed I couldn't get in until the end of the day what with nap and lunch time involved. Such a good thing I had a whole five loads of laundry to do isn't it? I do love to keep busy.

So today we head out, bright and early, to start yesterday all over again.

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