Monday, April 30, 2007

My Inner Dork Revealed and Other Weekend Musings

Friday was H's birthday, the big 30, and to celebrate we went to one of those Japanese steak houses. It was all fine and good. T.D. was entertained by the flashing knives and onion smoke stacks which was nice. Afterwards we were headed back to the car when H decided he wanted to check out the local used book store.

Normally I am not a fan of the used book store. It's musty, disorganized to the point that you wonder if sugar high crazed toddlers put the books on the shelves and there is always that CD section. It entices me first thing only to find myself staring at multiple copies of Green Day, Johnny Mathis, and Andy Williams Cd's. Suffice to say I am not a fan of the used book store realm. We wandered in and began to peruse the stacks. As T.D. squeaked about in her Pippytoes, H and I noticed that this store was unlike others. It was indeed fantastically organized. Each section that declared 'Cooking' actually had cookbooks. Those were then divided into different types of cooking. Emboldened I ventured into the U.S. History section.

Here is when I really went a little nuts. I might have even left some drool on the shelves which I can easily blame on T.D. First stop was espionage. A closet fan of all things spy I ran my hands over the spines of these fine books. I began to notice that U.S. History section might indeed be the finest of them all. It was painstakingly labeled and separated out by state, there were the wars, the Old West, Native Americans, and then to my surprise and glee a whole section of Immigration. Here is where my inner dork is truly revealed. I majored in U.S. History with a concentration in the socio-economics of cities from Reconstruction to the first World War, with an even deeper concentration in Immigration and the Gilded Age. Two vastly different worlds, but one I can immerse myself in for weeks and not know time has passed. I can wax and wane about kitchen cleaning agents from this bygone time and types of food to sewer systems. Finding this gem of section almost had me peeing my Capri's. Before I knew it I had found old textbooks in mint condition that I lovingly stroked and cooed over. Good times. Then I happened upon the exciting title of 'The New England Mind-From Colony to Province'. I shivered with anticipation as I looked at the index and table of contents. Ooh happy times indeed! This little piece of gold had to be mine! I snatched it off the shelf before anyone else could.

Incredible purchase in hand we left the store, but not before I could head over to the Classics and find oodles of good fun with Edith Wharton and Fitzgerald. I will be back to the used book store in the future. Yes I will.

The rest of the weekend followed with nice sunny weather, a party for H, too much food and drink and about three separate cakes. Eesh. Way too much cake in our house. We woke up Sunday bloated, dehydrated, and whispering one word to each other-Detox. We need to detox our systems of the sugar, salt, fat and whatever else we ingested. Starting today we are on! Lemon juice and water all around! For the next few days we'll see how lucid my thoughts are as I subsist on a variety of veggies, legumes, lemon water, and air.


  1. Findind an organized used bookstore is possible? Will loves them but I am usually not patient enough to wade thru the crap. 3 Cakes is a lot! You'll walk it all off soon.

  2. All I have to say is "ROSE" whats her face from the Historical Society of Washington DC". The bookstore you must be describing is the one next to Sakura. My sister LOVES that place!


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