Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Product of the Week!

So it's not really a product and more like a useful tool. One of my readers mentioned it in an email to me last night. Seeing the words 'Makeup Alley' made my eyes shine and spirits pick up a bit. What is this 'Makeup Alley'? Is it some seedy underground world where people trade illicit beauty secrets and regimes? I had to check it out.

It is not some dark, underworld order for make-up alas. It is however a great website full of reviews on virtually any product you can think of. Want to try a new concealer that you've heard a lot of magazine raves about but are still unsure? Head to Makeup Alley and get the skinny. This is truly a site for product whores and make-up junkies such as myself. They even feature some really solid reviews on Arbonne products. So the next time you are jonesing to try something new and there's a tad of nagging doubt, head over to Makeup Alley and see what other folks have to say.

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