Thursday, February 22, 2007

NaNoMoDumbStarlet? NaNoMoCrazyPopTartlet.

Watch out America Ms. Spears is on the run again. For the second time in one week she's taken herself out of rehab. I have tried not to comment on this whole debacle as it ranks up there with the mess that is now Ms. Anna Nicole Smith's world. Eesh. Who knows what that story really is about. She's destined to have many, many, many processed and regurgitated books written about her just like Marilyn. Sigh.

Britney though, really people, her handlers need to watch her more closely. I know her bodyguards are run ragged by her late nights and her family is probably equally as tired emotionally, but can't someone get to this girl and take care of her? She needs some help it seems, otherwise soon we'll see her on CNN as cameras follow her LIVE! and barefoot, in a bathrobe walking around a grocery store (my guess is a Ralph's) while cramming Twinkies and pinto beans into her slack jaw all the while muttering about the price of marshmallows and maxi pads. The girl needs help.

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  1. That is a really disturbing photo. I feel really sorry for the girl's obvious lack of emotional support right now but SHEESH woman! Pull yourself together! Let's just call this Brit's "blue period."


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