Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bone Ass Tired

I am tired. Bone Tired. I can't understand it. T.D. actually slept through the night sans pacifier. We've gone two days now and counting and it's getting easier. I'll admit that today when she started a meltdown at the grocery store I almost dug out the emergency bink from my purse. I didn't though. I stayed the course. I'm the "decider" you know. Instead I tossed her a McCall's seasoning packet to gnaw on and it was all good. Really. I'm amazed myself. I digress though. Back to me being bone ass tired. Somehow between sleepy time last night and now I feel as if I got hit by a mack truck.

I might be that hour and a half long Power Sculpt weight class I took yesterday. Oh yeah. That's right. It seemed only semi-difficult at the time. Ha. I'm not even that sore. I thought my body might turn to jello right afterwards but somehow I pulled through despite the 50 tricep reps inflicted on me. The crunches. On the ball. Off the ball. Pick up your weights. Change your weights. Get the bar (I need a bar!). Steady those arms. Lots of work. I didn't think I would be able to wrestle T.D. into her car seat afterwards. So today I'm knocked on my ass. I have no desire to do anything, but read and sleep. I am at home...

I leave you with this picture. Maybe after tomorrow's Power Sculpt class I'll start to feel more bad ass like this.

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