Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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An Inconvenient Truth

Tell me, have you heard about this film about the
global warming? I think the bloke who did it was
president of America, but I’m not sure. In any case,
much like not reading books, I don’t get to the cinema
that often. However I do like to know a bit about
current events for small chat at fashion shows and the
I’ve been thinking a lot about global warming. I
mean if you consider the impact our move from London
to Spain had on me, I reckon that was a bit like
global warming. Inconvenient indeed considering all
the chinchilla I’ve had to stow for colder weather. I
simply can’t understand a culture that hasn’t a winter
season. I find four seasons open up such a world of
opportunity in accessorising, with shoes alone you’ve
got sling backs for autumn, a right bold pair of open
toe stilettos for summer, and the colours, oh love,
the colors you have to pick from.

We’ve actually been plotting another move for some
time. We’ve so enjoyed our time in Spain, I’ve even
picked up the odd phrase: Dónde Gucci? Where is
I also can say: Tienes un Bentley? Have
you got a Bentley?
and our boys have certainly
enjoyed it. I must say though that I am rather unfond
of they way they pronounce Romeo in Spain, I mean his
name is Romeo, Roe-Me-Oh, I rather dislike this whole
Roe-May-Oh, it sounds so common. And Cruz, well the
whole Spanish uniqueness of it is bloody well dashed
by being in a place that the people speak Spanish.
Brooklyn is Brooklyn wherever you live, but I fancy
living in LA and having my Brooklyn.

I really do think America is where we need to be. I’ve
been asking about to people to find out the best
neighborhoods and schools, and about the issues. It
will definitely be warmer in LA. Which I suppose, if
it’s already warm, how much warmer could global
warming make it? It’d be rather difficult to warm the
entire globe, but if you did all those people in the
cold countries wouldn’t have the cold anymore, which
might be a good thing. Speaking of which, have you
seen the Gaultier wrap with the screen of the rain
forest. Makes me feel immensely environmental, and
green is a colour I don’t often have a chance to wear.

Isn’t there a green movement? David looks good in
green. Matter of fact his favorite pair of knickers on
me are green, he fancies me a bit of a jungle Jane in
them. Thinking about the whole thing of warming the
globe, we could do a fair amount of good going green.
I am partial to an olive for David and emerald for
myself, forest green is a bit dodgy, even on the kids.
I suppose if global warming does manage to hit LA I’ll
have to ditch the green movement because the Escalade
doesn’t come in green, do you think white counts?

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  1. I don't know anything about fashion, so I don't know who this is, but I like the voice and the irony.

  2. I really liked how you and your partner worked together!

  3. This made me smile :)

    I don't think anyone in England was very sorry to see her go and shouldn't expect the Spanish are particularly bothered either although I was quite confused about why he wants to go play 'soccer' over in the states.


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