Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Want it, Need it, Have to have it

Recently I've noticed a boom in the self-storage business in my area. These facilities range from small to exceptionally large sites where you can store your stuff for whatever reason. Moving soon? Selling a home? New stuff? Store it at a self storage place. What I find so crazy is that there are some people out there, we'll call them addicts, who buy so much stuff for their homes they NEED a self-storage unit to hide the new stuff from there families. Yikes! Being a reformed addict I have to say I never considered this option. Apparently though it's quite common.

If you need self storage for whatever reason though and you live in the Rosedale, CA area why not try Pleasant Grove Self Storage. If you need a little more room in your house or are planning a big move call Pleasant Grove Self Storage. Need a truck to help with that? Pleasant Grove Self Storage offers them for free! They have multiple ways to pay for the services as well as offering a 10% discount to those in the military. That in itself is a really good thing as those in the military already know. Pleasant Grove Self Storage prides itself on being a quality company you can trust with world class service so if you are in the Rosedale area give them a call.

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