Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Raging Inner War

Long before I had T.D. there was this inner war raging inside me. One might say it was a war against women. Well, a certain type of woman, more like a girl. Those silly, stupid, vapidly shallow girls who prance, and I do mean prance, around in ridiculous clothes bringing down the rest of us.

When I say this, it's not out of jealousy or anything like that, it's in despair. It's despair I feel when I go to the mall and see four year old's wearing glitter eye makeup preening in a store window while shaking their booty and asking if they are sexy. I literally sat in bed last night wondering what I would do if T.D. ever asked at the tender age of 4 if she's sexy. NO!!! You are not supposed to be sweetie. Augh! So why do some supposedly smart women give in and think it's cute to insult their kids this way?

It's sadness and woe as well as intense anger when I hear teenage girls obsessing about plastic surgery, parents ALLOWING boob jobs on teens, girls conforming and giving in to boys just to have them show them attention for a day or so. They wear shirts that say, "Good in Bed? Ask your boyfriend." or "Who needs a brain when you have these." I don't need to type out what she's referring to.

It is with white hot fury and again more despair when I hear a young woman in my office declaring, "like, is it bad if I don't care about voting?" YES! Yes, it's really bad. Be an adult! Know the world around you and care about your future because if you just stay passive someone will decide it for you. I don't want to hear you later complaining you hate what is going on in the world! At least TRY to make a difference. I got so riled up on this issue today another girl confessed she isn't registered but hearing me rant and rave about how important it is to vote she now will. Good. I hope she does.

Mainly it boils down to this. Yes, everyone wants to be considered attractive, that's human. But why is it ok to be a whore now or smart to play it dumb? If your daughter likes girly stuff, that's fine. I'm girly too. If she wants to dress in fairy clothes, rock on with that honey. Just don't jam it down her throat as that is the only way a little girl should be. That the only way she can win at life is to play the dumb girl in life or to think what lipgloss she wears really makes a difference. Let's raise our daughters to be responsible women who are strong in mind and body and know their worth. And their worth isn't what a man thinks of them or whatever sexual message they display on their t-shirt du jour.

I know it's a rant but I really do freak out sometimes that no matter what I do T.D. will be some vapid girl who twirls her hair, doesn't vote, thinks her worth is in her ass and breasts and not her brain and I guess selfishly, that if she is like that I'll feel a failure as a mother.

On that note I leave with this. T.D. went to the polls twice yesterday. Once with me and another time with H. Each time she worked the room like a the benevolent dictator she is and scored two "I Voted." stickers. I took a picture for later use.

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