Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For the Love of.....

You know that saying, "Be happy with what you've got...."? What about the one about being thankful for what you have? Yes, you know the ones I'm talking about. This past holiday I wanted to scream this a few times. I find myself wanting to do that more and more along with declaring, My Body, IT'S MY BODY!!!! Not YOURS!!! Get Back, SHUT UP! Then resorting to some bribery to get people to lay off this one simple "request"/question. When will you have another child?

Seriously? Seriously?! I just popped out a kid nine months ago and already family, friends, my waxer and a few random strangers are asking when we will have another. If they aren't asking that they just say, "Don't you think it's time to start having another one?" Geez!! Enough already! I had a hard enough time with Post-Partum, getting my body back (almost) and just dealing with the whole first year of being a parent. Throw in a full time job, a second job, a new business and a host of other occurrences and changes and it's been more than most do in a five year span. Why on earth would I want to get pregnant again?! I just want to enjoy T.D. as she is now for a while. Is that too much to ask?

I said to H recently, "You know people should just be thankful that we even had a kid because I never thought I would." For some reason a tiny window opened and I thought ok, I can do this. Let's have a baby. I love T.D. more than anything and I cherish our time together and love watching her grow, learn and take on life with her giant personality and smile. However, I am not physically or emotionally ready for a second kid. I think it's more important that I/we know that and understand our limits right now and not be pressured into just having another child for the sake of it.

Really with my personality the more someone asks me to do something the less inclined I am to actually do it. I am stubborn. It's my body that has to go through that again and my heart and mind. NOW EVERYONE NEEDS TO JUST CHILL OUT AND ENJOY THE ONE WE HAVE.

That's all...


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    AMEN!!! Guess what, once you have two, they STILL ask when you will have another one. Lord help me, to think of 3 beasts running around my house is enough to need a pretty white coat. I won't ever ask you when you will have another - one is plenty, looking back. Enjoy her in all her screaming, smiling, potty training, and talking. Want to really freak them out - tell them you have scheduled H's vasectomy, they will leave you alone then. Christy

  2. I'm with you....And I am proud to say I didn't ever even say that to you..although look at me...I don't even have one...LOL

    If you do or don't have another, its up to you guys...and your life will be full and complete either way.

    Love ya!


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