Monday, October 16, 2006

Feel the Fall Goodness

October is my favorite month. It's full of wonderful weather, bright colors and crisp air. I feel more energized during this month than any other time of year. Maybe it's the jewel-toned leaves or the tart apples and cider everywhere. Maybe it's my annual fall hair color change. Yes, you heard that right. When the clock turns to Vernal Equinox, I book my appointment at my hair salon and put in the lowlights. A nice caramel color to off-set the season. Then fall is truly here.

I love the pumpkins on doorsteps and the cornstalks wrapped on lamp posts that line my street. There are numerous fall festivals that crop up making my bustling metro area feel more like a small town full of hayrides, face painting and haunted houses. I just want to bake non-stop. Pumpkin-spice cupcakes, snickerdoodles, pies and breads my Kitchen-Aid mixer is fearless! I giddily paint my nails in dark shades like Venom,Vamp, Voodoo and Fedora. H comments, "You know that is really not attractive right?" Wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder thank you.

I find that in this month I reflect more than say on New Years. Who wants to reflect on life when it's all icy and gray? Thoughts listed in no order whatsoever.

1. Asshat's sending me emails on the origins of Halloween. Help me out here people but was Halloween really based on sacraficing virgins? Dude! Where do you get this stuff? I thought it was a pagan holiday and all but virgins?

2. In the beginning I really did like my job and the company I work for. It has some truly great benefits to it. It's just that over time things have changed with me and the company and it's no longer a nicely fit glove but more like a constricting vice grip that slowly turns to cut off my air just a little bit. And then a little bit more...

3. S'mores rock! Who needs camping when you have a gas stove? Light that sucker up and make a s'more indoors with that heavenly burnt marshmallow smell any time you want.

4. What will I do if this whole Stay at Home thing fails?

5. Can I really make it as a freelance writer when my first paying job has still not technically PAID me? "I want my two dollars!!!!" (kidding I got more than that!)

Stay tuned tomorrow when I review more Arbonne products and nice treat for all you DC Metro area people.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    My favorite time of year too. I always miss New England at this time. I do have to try to get to Julian. I am very excited Liam was born this month. Halloween is my favorite holiday and that adds another great thing to the month. The in-laws fly in tonight so maybe I will be time to blog about a few of his exploits (you will laugh) and send you an email with the LD details. It is somewhat drama filled.

    Siobhan or should I say Liam's sleepy mum

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I never noticed fall because growing up in FL there is no such thing. Now with kids, there are fun festivals to attend, cookies and pies to bake, parties to host, and free candy (my kids can't eat all that - it will rot their teeth!) to kick off the 'Winter 15'. So let's revel in the crisp air, beautiful foliage, and yummy smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. Oh, and now I get to dress my kids up too! Fun, or cruel, but they won't realize the latter for another 15 years. Happy Fall! ~Christy


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