Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh a house rehab...

At this point, and I know it's not a 'Money Pit' type situation, I think H might need rehab of the AA variety. I've alluded to it before but about a month ago we bought a great little investment property near our own home. It was really almost too good to be true and a little too smooth and easy. H's company closed on the house quickly and all we needed to do was go on in and start the rehab. Which I must say would be fairly simple. The bathrooms and kitchen had all been redone in the last year or so and were up to date. They just needed a cleaning, an industrial cleaning. New carpets and some wood floor and paint would also be done.

At one point H asked, "Should I install new window treatments in the house? Like blinds?" I told him no, because isn't that up to the new owner anyway? But if we did install new blinds, I would go with this company, Guaranteed Blinds. They have every type of blind you can think of. Wood, faux wood, vinyl, mini blinds, you name it. I was impressed with the guaranteed price, delivery and easy to use website. They have free advice and even samples that they can send you. It's worth a shot if you are low on time especially which is the case with us these days.

So now we've settled that and while the contractor has proved less than reliable. Isn't that in their job description, we've picked the flooring, the carpet and paint. The yard is now being cleaned up by H who also replaced some rotted floor this weekend and the wood floor is down. The house will be cleaned this week and the carpet installed. It was a lot of work, and it was not that much work. Depending no the day, time and week you may ask us. It's been a learning experience or the crap saying I loathe, a "lessons learned". We'll do it again as it's the nature of H's business. We might even buy blinds next time.

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