Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love you, You love me, We're a happy Faaammileee!

The family reunion was not quite like that. Thank God! That would have been sickening. It was nice though. It was nice despite the fact that at one point I found myself standing stock still in the tiny cabin living room watching my mother spin out of control in full on stress mode turning beet red in the face while whirling around the tiny kitchen. At one point my cousin offered her a drink and there was some yelling going on and I just creeped out. Serioulsy, I know I exhibit some of the traits as well but good God it was frightening. I HAD to get out of there!

Everyone arrived in the evening for your typical cookout and T.D.'s debut. She requested that we bring her out Cleopatra style but we told her that wasn't quite lake house style and vetoed that type of entrance. Instead I carried her out when she awoke from her bazillionth nap of the trip (kid slept more than most people do in a month). There were oohs and aahs over the cute babyness of her and she was passed around. I think she liked it or at least tolerated it. My grandmother again was so pleased to be surrounded by her family and I think it really did her a world of good. It made me happy just to see it.

There was so much food. So much food. There was a, groaning under the weight, dessert table. Desserts four deep. We sent people home with stuff including boxes of donuts, pastries, a random bag of M&M's that wasn't killed and more. I sampled cookies, candy, champagne grapes and some sort of pudding/angel food cake/cool whip thing that made me swoon. I love crap! I'm like the Oscar the Grouch of junk food. I love eating right but I can sure pack away all sorts of crap food like a Cold War Russian on free bread day. I saw the healthy salads on the picnic table and I went right by them opting for the nice mayonaisse coated non-whole wheat pasta salad. Oh yeah! I ate a cheeseburger, chips, pretzels, drank a few cocktails and spilled some not so cool information.

Yup, I had a few too and told an aunt about the blog. I didn't tell her the name but damn! Damn, Damn. I was hoping that she would just forget all about it until yesterday when lo and behold she included it in an email. Something about looking for the blog, I don't know where, and not finding it, could I please send it? Augh. NOOO!!! NO!!!! I discussed this with H as well as a cousin of mine (only two cousins possess the link to the blog, only two- let's keep it that way shall we?) and both said that it would be very unwise to pass it on. As H put it, and I agree, what I write and feel is not me. It is but it's not literal. And some people might take all the "100 Hundred Ways of Crazy" literally. That and yes, I can be a little un-PC and a bit of a potty mouth. I know. I mentioned the fact that I have some devout friends who read and like the blog so maybe? Maybe it would be ok with the fam? Nope, H said. For this one reason, my friends, they know me. They have lived with me or just really known me for a long time and "get" me. Or whatever. My family? Not so much.

I guess that could be the question of the week- should I tell the family? Obviously my parents don't give two rats....

Besides, I'm not that fascinating maybe no one will ever read it.

Oh, and stupid blogger isn't doing pictures still for some reason or other so I'm sorry this is boring.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I don't think you should pass the blog link on to all the fam. H is right on this one. Friends understand the need to rant and rave and just blow off steam. And hey the more un PC the more honest and funny for readers. When there is a blood link involved feelings tend to get heightened. The most simple statement becomes a federal case. If you do share it with the fam you may find yourself "editing" yourself a bit. Maybe it wouldn't be so cathardic. But I base this on the fact that I hail from oversensitive boderline deranged lunatics. Maybe yours are better.


  2. That's why I have 2. A few select people know about both of them, but my family only knows about one. One's not on blogger, and I have different usernames, so they'll never ever be connected.


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