Thursday, August 10, 2006

Did You Ever-

Did you ever wish that you could be something else?

As a kid you always hope/think that superhero powers might actually exist. I remember once my best friend and I firmly believed in that if we wished it hard enough and thought about it long enough we too could have I Dream of Jeannie's ability to blink over crossed arms and Poof! Something magical would happen. For some reason we didn't think this held true for the nose twitching of Bewitched's Samantha but maybe it was actually really all about the costume.

Now as an adult I still wish sometimes that I could be something - invisible, could fly, or blink myself somewhere. I wonder- is that insane. So I'm posing the question: What would you like to be now? Just for one day.

I think I would be a ninja.


  1. I'd like to be a Jedi Knight so I can use the force.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    ooh Jedi is a good one. I like.


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