Monday, July 24, 2006

Plane Overheards

I went to NYC this weekend to visit a friend. I had a FABULOUS time and it was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. I shopped, ate, drank and slept late! Whoo hoo! I had a facial, ate yummy cupcakes and wore strappy sandals and a cute dress. I had fun. On my own without H or T.D. and it was well needed. I came back happier and more relaxed and not because of some pill I took. Thanks Mary! You were a great host and I loved every minute of it. Except for that part where I bit it in Chinatown. Yeah, that sucked.

Anyway, while waiting for my flight I was doing my usual looking around at my fellow passengers. I like to see who I'm sharing air space with. I try to guess who is going to be the freak and who is going to be the ass on the plane. It's fun. You should try it. You can hear some pretty good stuff too while waiting. Like this:

"Yes, I've tried that. I've taken her to four dog whisperers in the last few months and she's still the same. She still is a problem dog. "

(The woman next to me just smiled and tried to contain her laughter as did I over this. Seriously FOUR dog whisperers? You have that kind of money? Is that why you are flying coach?)

This is not something said but this girl in front of me had a Blackberry, cell phone and another cell phone all of which were either ringing or vibrating all the time. It stressed me out just to sit near her. Who can live that way? I just wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say, Excuse me is this your life? Oooh ick. I'm sorry.


About 5 people to one girl- "Is that your apple? Girl: NO! For the last time that is NOT my apple! Just because it's by my feet and bag does not make it my apple!" Finally she just chucks the apple across the waiting area. Nice.

Son to Mother: How fast does the plane go? Mother: Really fast. Fast enough to get us to NY in 35 minutes to an hour. It takes 2-3 by car Son: That's fast. So why can't we drive? Isn't that faster? (Note: son is 15 not 3. Scary huh?)

And now back to your otherwise non-entertaining workday.

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