Wednesday, July 19, 2006


At least to me. So I've dispelled this myth about Cheney and not going to college. I knew that seemed fishy. So here's the story- he went to Yale (just like his sidekick) but dropped out in 1959. My guess is he didn't get invited to Skull and Bones and left in a hissy. In 1963 he enrolled in Casper Community College in WY and then U of WY in '65. A year later in 1966 he got his MA in Poli Sci from Wyoming. It also states in his bio that he went to U of Wisconsin at Madison but no dates are given nor is any degree listed. My guess is that this is when the first of the many "surgeries" took place transforming him from man into machine. Some of you may think it's crazy but I swear you open that man up and it's like Darth Vader's cousin or something.

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