Monday, July 10, 2006


How is it that a weekend can be long but short? Relaxing but stressful all at the same time? For weeks I had been planning my off Friday from work. I would get up early but still be sleeping in to some degree- anything past 5 is sleeping in these days! I had an 8 a.m. oil change on my car and then I would head to the gym. I did that- it worked out well. Then I had some errands to run. See a previous post for how I got sucked into the Bermuda Shopping Triangle known as Target. So this is a three day weekend and I only worked two days last week because of the holiday. Those two work days were a blip. But somehow here I am Monday morning feeling as if I never left. Hummpph!
Anyway, I continue with my errands on Friday and instead of going to the pool as I had planned I meet H at work for his Change of Command. It was a nice ceremony honoring his job and the good works he did while in that position. The Colonel did manage a little dig and I so had to clench my fists and literally bite my tongue so that I would not say something nasty back. Seriously this man is just a total ass. I pity his family. But, gracefully we move on and into another chapter of our lives. We decided that since H had the rest of the day off we would see a movie. However it is summer and everything decent was sold out. We end up with Nacho Libre. Yeah, the exciting part of those 2 hours that I will never get back was that we actually ate nachos while watching it. Don't waste your time. After that we followed our junk food fiesta with popcorn and headed home to eat pizza and ice cream for dinner. So much for weight watchers that day! I think I'm done with junk for a while. Ha! I have no idea what became of the rest of that day except that I'm sure T.D. was fed and changed a few times in there somewhere.
Saturday after a decent run where I had a great piece of inspiration and some motivation I went and had my hair did. Much blonde (too blonde) and hair shorter later (ergh!!! I've only spent 5 months growing it out!!) I come home. I got down to work on the deck working on my special project for about 2 hours and then helped H clean. The man is wonderful taking on T.D. for a day and cleaning the house. I was so happy.
Sunday was a family day and stressful due to the silence that comes with each visit from H's certain family members. I have never met people who talk so little yet can sit for so long. My talkative self gets as stressed as a hamster in a ball being chased by a cat. It drains me. Suddenly, it's 8 p.m. and the weekend is officially over really. I'm heading to bed and exhausted and a little grouchy that already I have to go back for another week of work. I loathe working in the summer. I am feeling deprived of a vacation. I yearn to be by the crystal clear pool, reading some trashy novel or magazine while sipping iced tea. Sigh.

I'm done. No more complaining for me.

However I do have one thing to add. After my in-laws left H mentioned that his brother's new girlfriend is very quiet. She doesn't have a "large" personality like say... me. WHAT? I have a large personality? I had no idea. Really. To those of you who know me- tell me- do I have a large personality?

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