Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bed Head or 80's Rock Hair

It's raining here. As you all know by now. Even my Mom knows as she has instructed me in her daily email NOT to drive through puddles. Ok Mom, thanks for the tip. I'll try but seeing as it's rained for FOUR DAYS now it might be a wee bit difficult.
So, with this rain comes incredibly bad hair for most of us. Me of the fine, limp hair variety and in serious need of a trim has decided that I am sick of putting my hair up. Yesterday, I tried straightening it. Eeww not a good idea. By the time I reached work it was a frizzy but flat mess. By the end of the day it looked unwashed and plastered to my head. Lovely. Today, I decided to just let it go. I moussed it ( I know so 80s) and blew it sort of dry and was very devil may care about it all. Unlike me and my anal retentiveness I know. It might also have something to do with the 2 a.m. wake- up I got from T.D. screaming at the top of her lungs and being incredibly tired. Anyway, I get to work and one of my fellow early co-workers says- I cannot look at you! Gee thanks... He then proceeds to say he can't concentrate on what I'm saying because I have bed head hair and it's hot! Oooh kay. I go to the bathroom and stare at my reflection. Wow! So this is the supposed bed head hair? Usually it looks flat and sticks out at random unflattering angles. Right now it's just sort of wild and mildly wavy. Hm.... On my way back to my desk another co-worker (also male) stops me and says- Your hair! It looks more volumey (sp? is this even a word?) It's more blonde and kind of 80's rocker girl hair! I just look at him. He then says- You know if you put on bright red lipstick and a shorter skirt you would totally be an 80s hair band groupie. I have no idea what to even say to that except that it goes against every follicle I possess. It's not even a secret hair fantasy. I think I like the bed head hair comment better even though it skeezed me out a tad.

This is a nice tie-in though on the PRODUCT OF THE WEEK:

This week we have Aveeno Posivtively Radiant Mositurizer with Spf 15. I only buy facial moisturizers with spf 15 or higher in them. I'm prone to freckles which I loathe as it continues those cute comments and I'm 30. Not 5. I just purchased this item a few days ago. It claims to even out skin tone and reflect light to bring out your skin's natural radiance. I don't sit in front of the mirror looking for radiance these days but it does tingle a teensy bit when you put it on. It's still early yet but I like the thickness of it but yet it's not greasy. It spreads well and absorbs great. So far so good. The scent is also very light and doesn't bother me while many products do. It has an active soy ingredient in it as it's part of Aveeno's soy line. I think it might be a perfect summer moisturizer.

I will now go back to looking awake at my desk while secretly snoozing.

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