Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Since this is the first post/venture into this blog for me I figured I would provide a bit of background for anyone who is new. I decided to create this blog after realizing that the one I have for my family was not enough. I didn't want to print such personal views on it when it was supposed to be just pictures and updates for the family. Plus I needed a place to vent, question and organize my thoughts on my day to day life as a new mother.

How it all began.... on February 24th, 2006 I became a mom. My daughter Reagan was born and for all intensive purposes here I was my daughter's keeper. I'm not a maternal person. Babies are ok, childeren in public places I could do without. Still, I knew one day I would probably have a child but, I knew also I could not be one of those mothers who seem to sprout from the religeous right or some earth mommy who makes organic food and both find complete satisfaction in being their childs parent. Being a mother is journey for everyone and one that is deeply personal. Fufilling one moment, completely void the next. Each day has it's rewards and hurdles like anything else. It's quite frankly a job. I knew all this going in but I find daily I need a place to put my thoughts or I'll go mad so here it goes. Read as I blunder along and bear with me. Forward this to other mothers or those you think might enjoy this type of thing. I'm new and I'll make mistakes and we all have our own opinions on things. If this takes off then maybe it will become a forum. That's my hope anyway.

Until next time...

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