Friday, June 01, 2007

Blog Blast! You Need a Date When....

When... you wipe your partner's hands down after they finish eating.

When... you no longer kiss goodnight, but instead say, "nigh, nigh."

When... your life is scheduled via emails.

When... the only conversation you have all day is as you are drifting off to sleep and it's 8:45 p.m. That conversation? It involves mumbling, something about an oil change, and then snoring.

Keeping the fires burning always involves some sort of wine imbibed on my part. Actual dinner and conversation without chicken being thrown, the waiter smiling through his teeth, and having to pick up a certain plastic spoon off the floor for the millionth time are definitely NOT involved. So a glass of wine, perhaps dining al fresco, and actually piecing together a full string of sentences together with my husband is enough to make us happy at this point. Throw in a movie or any other event without lugging a stroller around and we are literally skipping down the sidewalk hand in hand.

It's a Friday Blog Blast over here in bloggy land. Stop looking at me with that weird puzzled look. Simply put you could win and ALL EXPENSES PAID DATE!! That is a $100 Amex Gift Card for dinner with your special someone and $100 to pay for a babysitter! Really? I about peed myself when I saw this. It's all brought to you by the ever helpful, fun folks at Parent Bloggers and E-Harmony Marriage (They have a snazzy new alternative to marriage counseling now-check it out!)

So head on over to PBN and read more funny "You know you need a date when.." and enter to win and feel free to post your ideas!


  1. That first one made me spit coffee thru my nose. SO funny!

  2. Oh, goodness, I agree that first one made me LOL ... nearly woke the twins up from their nap with that belly laugh. I think I might have just wiped DH's hand last night with a baby wipe. Fun!

  3. I totally wiped my husband's mouth the other night after dinner and kept on talking - not even noticing. He sat there and stared at me and asked - "Do I look 5?"

  4. ha! I hear that. Speaking of, I could use a glass of wine...

    Found you via the blast. My entry is here

  5. And here I thought I was the only one who uses the following phrases not only with my husband, but sometimes at work:

    "Nigh-Nigh"..."Do you want moooooore?"..."Are you ALL DONE?"

    Not to mention pronouncing the 10 words that my son can say in his strange little toddler accent. Love it!


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