Friday, May 04, 2007

One Step, Two Steps, Many, Many Pink Steps

How on earth is it Friday already? How is it possible that in a few short hours I will be standing in a very long line with a bunch of crazily pink clad women registering for the Avon Walk? It's Event Eve tonight and I just cannot believe that it's already here.

I am excited beyond belief. I enjoy this walk for so many reasons. Reasons like my team kicks ass and we've raised over 35K and counting this year. You see the city in a whole different way walking on foot. I eat my weight in gold fish crackers each year and end up filling my quota on orange Gatorade. I feel inspired, relaxed, happy, tears are shed, hugs are shared all around and you meet some truly wonderful people. I hug and even let people hug me. It's just an incredible feeling I cannot describe, whether you are doing your first walk or fifth, knowing you are part of something bigger and making things happen.

So think of me this weekend as I walk many miles around the city I love. Think of what you can do to help a cause you care about too. If you live in the area- COME OUT AND CHEER for a bit. We walkers need it!

Boston you are next on the list for next weekend! Support your walkers!

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  1. Charlotte9:59 AM

    Good luck on your walk and have a wonderful time!


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