Friday, March 30, 2007

Product of the Week!

This week's product is a book. A book I can safely say kept us sane in the last few weeks. I don't normally do this type of thing either. I don't like reading childcare books. I find that I'm usually already doing what they say and I have a few "Duh!" moments and throw the book to the wayside or I just don't agree with their methods. The book, 'Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Sleep Lady's Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Happy' (Sheesh!) actually did do all those things.

I bought the book out of desperation and had a friend suggested it. Her child wasn't sleeping through the night. She read the book. The kid sleeps like magic. We were on month three of that after an almost entirely blissful year of angel baby sleep through the night nights. We removed the pacifier. It helped. Then T.D. cried for a bottle each morning at 4 a.m. I couldn't seem to elminate the binky or break her will no matter what H and I tried. I cried and screamed. H cried and screamed. The dog howled. I broke down and bought 'The Sleep Lady's Guide'. Amazon quickly delivered this little gem of a book to our door. The bottle was dropped. I won't tell how. Read the book! We figured out naptimes on a better schedule for all of us this week and last week we slept like logs. T.D. did too despite being in a new locale. Heaven on earth right there people!

What I find so great about this book is that it's not just for problem issues. Sleep Ladies, Kim West and Joanne Kenen, go through the stages of children, possible problems and age groups. I had not even thought of that. New Mom syndrome I suppose. I eagerly devoured the one year old chapter and learned a lot in a short time. It needs to be a short time T.D. is a climber and walker now.

If you are having sleep problems with your child, be it one month to four years old I highly recommend picking this book up. You may not agree with all of it, but you will take away some valuable information. I did.

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