Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This kind of stuff bugs me. It makes me feel like sometimes we just might know a little too much. I think why do I need to think of one more thing? As if pregnant women don't worry enough or have people telling them all sorts of "advice" on a daily basis. Like how brownies aren't good for pregnant women and other nonesense.

I give you this and ask you- is this too much information? Do we really need to be concerned with this? I can see it now. In twenty-five years some guy will flip out on his Mom who has been pestering him for a grandchild and he'll retort with, "Well maybe if you hadn't stuffed your piehole with so much beef every day I could give you one!" Ugh.

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  1. So now I'd have to give up beef, in addition to sushi, good cheese, and coffee? It's enough to make me never want to have a kid!


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