Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've been tagged by Stephanie from 'Where in the World'. How does it work? I reveal five things I've never posted on the blog before. That's hard for me as I have no qualms telling almost anyone deep details and squeamish points in my life.

1. I, like Stephanie, did not have a middle name at birth. I chose it when I was 14 and now it's legal.

2. I won the spirit stick at cheer camp. I know. People wonder why I like 'Bring it On' so much.

3. I see dead people. Go ahead and call me a freak but anyone who is around me long enough knows it's true. H likes the show 'Medium' because he "identifies" with the husband Joe.

4. I used to be a Republican. A rabid one with pictures of George Bush Sr. and Dan Quayle in my Jr. High locker.

5. I have a sick and sometimes all consuming love for extra-cheese pizza.

Enthralling I know. Riveting as always, those are my five things.

Now I'm tagging Diane from Diane's Rantings, Sarah from Hollywood Flakes, and Tammie from Soul Gardening.

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  1. Charlotte7:52 PM

    A spirit stick winning republican girl that can see dead people? Good grief - I had no idea.


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