Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh Goody!

Saw this story on the news last night and now again this morning.

FDA panel probes birth control pills
The government is considering setting higher standards for birth control drugs used by millions, saying that newer pills appear to be less effective at preventing pregnancy than those approved decades ago.

Fabulous just fabulous. It now makes the story of my friend who got pregnant twice while on the pill seem like not such a freak of nature.

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  1. Lauren9:32 AM

    Dude, I'm definitely interested in the results of that study. My pill manufacturer was backordered for months and months for my pill, and I ended up on the generic. I hate to think that I'm not getting the same dosage with the generic--my dr. said that the "amount" of hormone in the pill can "vary widely" with a generic. Yippee.


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