Friday, November 17, 2006

Question of the Week

Ok people. You know the drill. It's the Question of the Week/Month whatever. You might have heard about the woman from Sante Fe, NM who got kicked off a Delta airlines flight this week for breastfeeding her child. She was asked once to cover up with a blanket. When she declined the blanket offer they kicked her off the plane.

Fair or Unfair? Tell me what you think?


  1. This was actually a discussion on sports talk radio this morning. The entire story is that it was a 10pm flight, they were seated in the next to last row, her near the window, husband the aisle, her shirt pulled over everything, and it was the flight attendant who was "uncomfortable" and complaining, not another passenger. Are you kidding me? Who cares? Yes I and the hosts of the sexist, right winged, fart joke telling sports radio are in support of a women's right to pull out her boobs when ever she wants, even if it is just to feed a hungry baby. I hope she sues and wins big.

  2. gretchen1:52 PM

    When I read the basic question I was angry... then I read the detailed explanation and I am now furious. I can imagine that there have been far more graphic acts performed on a plane - and the flight attendant is giving this woman crap for feeding her child? This is ridiculous!

    On a side note - I still need to get you a copy of the oob Feminism & Motherhood issue.

  3. When I took a birthing class while pregnant with my first child we were told it was ILLEGAL to do what they did. How did Delta allow this to happen? Perhaps it is because they are more focused on Bankrupcy. This story is most annoying (I hesitate to use the word "infuriating" as I fear I will then be labeled a feminazi) because this woman was doing what we all know is best for her baby. It is hard to imagine how someone can be uncomfortable with a woman breastfeeding her child. If the boob was just dangling out there for all to see and you had your 10 year old son staring at it, maybe you would have a reason to feel "uncomfortable." I do believe it is the responsibility of the mother to be discrete. However, under NO circumstances should she be asked to stop what she is doing and/or be booted off the plane.

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    From Danielle:

    We can look at half naked women on TV and the beach and a woman can't
    feed her child; what bullshit.


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