Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I found this online this morning and it just struck me as so odd. Does anyone else find this just a scootch bizarre? I included a link to the whole thing in the title since I'm only doing excerpts.

What I've Learned: Burt Reynolds
Actor, 70, Jupiter, Florida
Interviewed by Ross Johnson

I was number one five years in a row at the box office. But what's really stunning is that no one until me had ever gone from number one to number thirty-eight in one year. Yeah, the seventies can do that to a person

God forgive me, but I love the attention of people. Is that why he did Cannonball?
Your bullshit detector gets better with time.

I could have won millions of dollars in lawsuits about the AIDS rumors back in 1984. I survived it by my father's philosophy: "I'll piss on your grave." Classic Burt.

Nowadays, instead of saying, "He's a prick," I'll say, "He's complicated." Hmmm...I must remember this one and use it often at work.

Paul Newman is the personification of cool. Ain't that the truth, I swear!

I'd rather be shot in the leg than watch an Ingmar Bergman picture. Love the honesty

For a long time, if you were seeing a psychiatrist, you were thought of as being a wacko. But because of good ol' Dr. Phil, people know we need to talk to someone who just sits there and is nonjudgmental and says, "Do you think it's a good idea not to have a bowel movement for three months?" Because a lot of stuff gets clogged up there, and you gotta get some of it out. And getting it out is painful, and you can bleed. Whoa, am I the only one who got lost somewhere in that last one?

I once went to group therapy. Everyone there blamed someone else -- their mother, their father, their agent. When it got to me, I said, "You're all full of (crap). You're gonna be here forever. Look in the mirror. You are responsible for every mistake you made." I would have paid good money to see this one. Love it.

I've made fun of myself the person, but I don't take roles where I make fun of the actor. I've worked too hard and too long with too many good people, and I respect myself as an actor. Is that why he did the Fed Ex commercial a few years ago?

I hate prejudice of any kind, whether it be color or sexual preference. I don't give a (crap) if you had a goat. If it's a happy goat, and you're happy, I'm happy for you. However, I may not want to have dinner with the both of you. I think I'm a Burt fan now. He kills me.

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